Coconut Oil Benefits

What is Coconut Oil?
Coconut oil is classified as saturated oil but differs from other saturated fats because of its medium-chain fatty acis composition. The medium-chain-fatty acids (MCFA) are easily digested and broken down to create a healthy digestive system, which enhances the absorption of nutrients and minerals like magnesium, calcium and fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and amino acids (proteins). Coconut oil is considered a "functional food" which means it acids specific bodily functions beyond its nutritional content. Study shows that it prevents stroke and hardening of arteries, detoxifies the liver, improves thyroid health and strengthens the immune system.

Coconut Oil as a Cellular Food
- Consuming food containing coconut oil can provide your cells with quick, easy nourishment. MCFA can give the cells a much needed energy boost, increase metabolism to help it expel toxins and utilize life-giving oxygen to help it perform at top efficiency.
- A healthy cell means a healthy you.
- Once your cells absorb MCFA to produce the energy needed to power biological function, metabolic activity increase, stimulating healing and repair.

Coconut oil as Anti-microbial
- One characteristic of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) is its ability to kill germs and parasites. The MCT are transformed inside our bodies into monoglyceride of lauric acid (monolaurin) and MCFA, both of which possess powerful anti-microbial properties capable of destroying lipid-coated bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.
- The lauric acid derivatives is the same lauric acid babies get from mother's milk to keep the infants from getting viral, bacterial or protozoal infections.
- Examples of viruses and bacteria that are inactivated or destroyed are those that cause measles, herpes, HIV, influenza, rubeola, leukemia, streptococcus, listeria and many more.
- Advocates from health sectors call for a study of its potential as a first line of defense against bird flu.

Virgin Coconut Oil "Superior Weapon Against Deadly Cancer"
- It is a sad truth that so many people are afflicted with this fatal disease. Cancer ranks second in the leading cause of death statistics of the United States. It is said that approximately one million people acquire cancer each year.
- But thanks to Virgin Coconut Oil, there is after all a way out of this seemingly hopeless situation.
- Cancer cells keep on growing and dividing and create abnormal cells. Cancer cells may spread and cause problems to other parts of the body. This is triggered by a damage to DNA. Unlike nomal cells, cancer cells cannot repair damaged DNA. Damaged DNA can be acquired through hereditary means or environmental exposure. Most cancers (But not all) are manifested by a tumor.
- The chance of a cancer patient to survive depends largely on how soon the disease was diagnosed and given necessary treatments. Radical change in one's diet and lifestyle is also prescribed.

The Miracle Cure
- Virgin Coconut oil can be uses as a weapon to fight cancer and save precious lives. This statement is proven not only by numerous testimonies of cancer survivors but with the results of medical studies.
- Regular consumption of Virgin Coconut Oil will strengthen the immune system. Only a strong immune system can defeat the formation of cancer cells before they can create major damage. Developing a strong immune system is the first step in prevention and treatment of cancer and other diseases.
- Virgin Coconut Oil can also cure skin cancer as proven in a study where coconut oil is applied on the skin of mice which were applied with cancer causing chemicals.
- Several applications of virgin coconut oil stopped tumor development.
- Therefore, virgin coconut oil can alter the composition of tumor tissue and and thus inhibit tumor growth.

The Virgin Coconut Oil of Youth (Fight Aging Effortlessly!)
- Aging is inevitable. Something we all can't escape. But who wants to grow old? Everybody wants to preserve their is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Aging is all in the mind. Virgin coconut oil is here to let you defy the laws of nature and reverse the passing of time.
- The reason why a lot of people dread old age is the fact that it is associated with a lot of unpleasant things like failing health, memory loss and wrinkles.
- For Some, it  can be a very inconvenient and miserable phase.
- To grow old gracefully, start making necessary changes in your lifestyle now!

Why do You Grow Old?
- Free radicals are the culprit! These are highly reactive molecules missing an electron. In an effort to achieve stability, they steal electrons from other molecules causing other molecules to become free radicals.
- It produces a chain reaction that affects thousands of molecules. Free radicals attack the cells and this may lead to cell mutation and death. Some reseachers consider it as the main cause of aging.
- A lot of diseases are also assocoated with free radicals. To prevent aging and sickness, free radicals should not be permitted to enter our body.
- This however is impossible as it is produced as a part of a normal cellular respiration. Pollutants and other environmental toxins also cause free radicals.
Load Your Body with Antioxidants.
- Antioxidant is your body's natural defense against free radicals. It can stop the chain reaction of free radicals. The amount of antioxidants inside your body depends upon the nutrients we consume.
- However, antioxidants can also be applied on skin to prevent sagging and unsightly wrinkles. If you are already experiencing signs of aging on your skin, chances are the same free radical damage is happening inside your body.
- To prevent premature aging, eat foods rich with vitamins C and E and of course use Virgin Coconut Oil regularly. This will slow down the aging process and will keep you looking and feeling young all over.
- Don't let the years shown on your face. Make your retirement years worthwhile and fulfilling. Use virgin coconut oil!

Lose Weight With Virgin Coconut Oil
Losing hope?
- You have probably tried every diet method there is to shed those extra pounds but it seems like all your efforts are in vain.
- And now just when you are ready to give up, you are about to receive an advice that every nutritionist and dietitian have told you to fat! it may sound ridiculous but the result is far from funny when you use virgin coconut oil.
- There are a number of reasons why you should desire the ideal weight. Aside from the wonders it will do to your physical appearance, being overweight increase your risk to develop a host of diseases.
- If your weight exceeds 20% or more of your ideal weight then you are considered obese. Getting rid of this excess weight is the best gift you can give yourself.

What Makes You Fat?
- You've just finished a whole bag of salty potato chips and drank two bottles of soda. You ordered and extra cup of rice to your dinner or roast pork a while ago. You nearly finishes a whole box of donuts and chocolates.
- And while you are reading this, you are eating ice cream and munching peanuts. If you still have the guts to ask the question, then realized that the things just mentioned are the answers.
- Ideally, you should only consume the amount of food your body needs to produce energy. Eating more than what is necessary will make you bigger. All that extra food you just consumed will be converted into fat and directly goes to fat cells. It produces cellulite which you can now feel around your legs, belly and arms.

How Can Coconut Oil Help Lose Weight?
- The diet using Virgin Coconut Oil is the perfect diet.
- The only one that will allow you to eat fat!
- The fat of Coconut Oil had fewer calories than other fats and promotes good health.
- Unlike other fats, they are not packed into lipoproteins and circulated in the bloodstream.
- The MCFAs are sent directly to the liver and immediately converted to energy. This digestion process speeds up metabolism and will make you lose weight.
- Substitute other vegetables oil with coconut and include it in your daily food intake.
- MC Gill University researchers (based in Canada) discovered that doing this (consuming virgin coconut oil alone) can make you lose up to 36 pounds per year.
- But of course, it doesn't mean that you can overeat. To maintain that healthy figure, combine the use of coconut oil with a balanced diet.

Prevent Autoimmune Diseases with Virgin Coconut Oil
- Crohn's disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid problems, and allergies. Wondering what they all have in common?
- All of them can be classified under one general term: autoimmune diseases.
- Virgin Coconut Oil can help treat these sickness.
- A healthy body has a strong immune system that defends the body against the attack of harmful microorganisms. The immune system of a person suffering from an autoimmune behaves differently as instead of killing viruses and bacteria, it inflicts harm upon itself.
- This abnormal action can destroy the body's connective tissues, the one responsible for binding together body tissues and organs. This can creat damage in many parts of the body like nerves, muscles, endocrine, and digestive system.
- More woman develop this sickness especially during their child-bearing years. It can also be acquired through hereditary means.

Types of Autoimmune Diseases
- Underactive Thyroid-Sidns that you are afflicted with this disease will include fatigue, depression, muscle cramps, constipation, being overweight and cold sensitivity.
- Graves disease : If you find it difficult to sleep at night, are always irritable, and you keep on losing weight even if you are not on a diet, chances are you have an overactive thyroid. Sensitivity to heat, muscle weakness, bulging eyes and shaky hands are also symptoms.
- Lupus : This causes damage to organ systems, skin, joints and internal organs. Symptoms will include having rashes on body parts, particularly across the nose and cheeks, swelling joints and sensitivity to sun.
- Multiple Sclerosis : This is associated with a feeling of weakness and trouble in maintaining balance, Tremors, paralysis, speech problems, a numbness and tingling seasation in hands and feet are some of the symptoms.

Improve your Immune System with Virgin Coconut Oil
- Your officemate sneezes and immediately you are down with the flu
- Your allergy to dust, pets and seafoods limits your actions and interfefe with your activities. These are signs that you have a weak immune system.
- Your body doesn't need to suffer from all these hassles.
- The world hasn't changed much. Prevention is still the best cure to stay healthy. But with the pollution getting worse and as the standard of living deteriorates, it seems to be getting more difficult.
- Protect yourself with Virgin Coconut Oil.
A Powerful Shield
- The MCFA's of Virgin Coconut Oil is remarkable for its antimicrobial properties that kill harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.
- This was discovered in 1966 by Jon Kabara Ph.D. in his effort to solve food preparation problems.
- When MCFA's are digested, they are broken down into monoglycerides and free fatty acids.
- Coconut oil by itself cannot destroy disease-causing organisms. To activate antimicrobial properties, it needs to be digested first.
- Important medium chain fatty acids present in coconut oil that possess antimicrobial characteristics are Lauric Acid, Capric acid and Caprylic acid.
- Their monoglyceride form, monolaurin, monocaprylin and monocaprin also hinder microbes from terrorizing the immune system.
- Individually, these fatty acids attack microbes differently.
- Some may beeffective at killing a particular organism that cause fungus infections butis less effective in killing other microbes.
- However, their united activity will provide will provide your body with a very powerful shield against diseases.
- Monolaurin (monoglyceride form of lauric acid) is considered to have the best antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial effect.
- Human breast milk contains medium chain triglyceride (MCTs) that does not only serve as nourishment for newborn infants; it also protects the child from catching diseases.
- This is said to be similar to those found in coconut oil and has the same antimicrobial properties.
- Say goodbye to sickness and poor health. Strengthen your immune system with Virgin Coconut Oil.

Increase Your Energy, Accomplish More with Virgin Coconut Oil
- So many people suffer from chronic fatigue. The most common remedy is coffee.
- But caffeine consumption is often discouraged as it is addictive and may cause health problems.
- The better alternative is Virgin Coconut Oil.
- It is not enough for one take Virgin Coconut Oil just when one is feeling weary and extra energy is needed.
- Regular intake of Virgin Coconut Oil is required to shift your energy into a higher gear.
- Unlike coffee, it is not addictive and the effect will keep you alert for hours.

How It Works?
- The MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) in Virgin Coconut Oil goes directly to thr liver and are immediately converted to energy.
- It also increases metabolism as MCFA's are easily absorbed by energy producing organelles of the cells.
- MCFA in your foods can be likened to putting a quality fuel in your car.
- If you desire greater energy, include Virgin Coconut Oil in your daily diet. A tablespoon of virgin coconut oil in your tea or as added flavor to your favorite dish will do trick.

Virgin Coconut Oil "Hope for Aids Patients"
- Human immuno-deficienct virus (HIV) is the virus that causes AIDS. It attacks the immune system so a person with HIV becomes susceptible to almost all kinds of infections.
- A person can be infected with the HIV virus for years before it develops into full blown AIDS.
- Once diagnosed with AIDS, a person is expected to live only for 3 years.
- This virus is usually transferred through sexual intercouse, sharing of needles, or any other blood exchange.
- A MOTHER WITH hiv can also transmit the virus to her unborn child.

The Search for Cure
- It was in the 1980's when the ability of medium chain fatty acids like capric and lauric to fight HIV was first discovered.
- Antiviral drugs that are currently being prescribed fail to save lives and restore the health of Aids victim.
- Aside from the fact that the virus can develop resistance to these drugs, it also has lots of adverse side effects.
- Medium chain fatty acids is said to be a more effective cure as it attacks the virus in a different way than other drugs.
- Instead of targeting the genetic material of the virus, MCFA's simply breaks the virus apart. The absorption of MCFAs by the virus weakens the lipid membrane of the virus and will eventually kill the virus.
- This mechanism of action makes it almost impossible for the virus to develop resistant strain to MCFAs.
- Dr. Conrado Dayrit, a medical doctor from the philippines did the first study on coconut oil for treating AIDS patients.
- His study tested the effect of monolaurin and coconut oil in 14 HIV patients, ages ranging from 22-38
- Four grams of monolaurin a day was given to four patients while five of them received 7.2 grams of monolaurin.
- The last group was given 3 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day.
- At the end of the study (six months) the viral count of nine patients decreased.
- Two of them were from the first group, four from the second, and three from the third group.
- Eleven of them showed health improvements.
- This research proves that monolaurin and coconut oil can be used to treat Aids patients.